‘Poverty.Ignorance.Greed.Slavery’ here’s Kürøishi‘s vision of Humanity. This first album is a blast of 12 powefull and raw D-Beat tracks like Wolfbrigade, Disfear, Discharge (obviously) and Tragedy but japanese Hardcore is also pupping in the  vein of Kürøishi’s five members!
As I have listened this album like hundreds time since his release in February on Fight Records it was impossible for me not to ask them some questions. Thank you guys !!

I’ve made my research to find what “Kürøishi” means. First I thought it was a finnish word but I discover it’s a japan word who means “Black Death” and it’s also a small town in the north of Japan. Can you explain the choice of the name, is there a particular story with this town ?

JANI (Bass): « Black Death » is the right meaning of the name. We added “ø” and “ü” to make people more confusing about the meaning, haha. Story behind the name is that our guitar player Ilari was on holiday in Japan and he was drinking in the bar with our japanese friend. I was chatting same time in messenger with Ilari from Finland and talked about what could be a cool name for the band. We ended to throw some names to our japanese friend and he translated our suggestions in japanese and Kuroishi sounded cool enough.

The lyrics are really dark and mostly about the stupidity of humanity that well fit with the album’s name “Poverty.Ignorance.Greed.Slavery“. Where did you get the inspiration for the lyrics ?

KAI (Vocal): The inspiration comes from such a mundane source as ordinary life, sometimes or mostly it’s overly dramatic to get the story/or point of view to flow with the music. As the lyrics are often written at the spot when first hearing the music, I think it suits pretty well at the moment. I often see the words in front of me when I hear the riffs, so thankfully the music speaks loud and with a purpose. Stories about views on life, shit we take for granted, mind/world pollution. Pretty much negative shit, haha, but strength through strife the finnish way.

You sing both English and Finnish (perhaps Swedish too?), how did you choose what language will fit the most to the theme ?

KAI : The choosing of language, is not really about what sounds the best or trying to have something different. As I was born in Finland but raised in Sweden and american tv shows were my babysitters, haha, so I just use the language that comes first. My moral guidance were built up by such revolutionary characters as Megatron,he -man and captain braveheart and look what a strapping young lad I’ve become! But I admit that swedish and finnish sound really great and raw and suit d-beat great!

The cover of “Poverty.Ignorance.Greed.Slavery“ is beautiful and it’s a strong tribute to the cover of the Absolute/Paranoid split. Can you tell us the story behind this cover and the process working with Akihiko Sugimoto. How did you met him ? Did you submit him some ideas ?

JANI: Our idea for cover was to have “last supper” setting with the main characters in suits sitting down feasting on something etc. There were also lot of different kind of other details in our mind. We tell to Sugi what we want to be in the picture but also gave him freehands to make it. I think he made absolutely perfect job with it. Process itself with Sugi was really smooth. He send sketch to us and it was perfect right away. We wanted to change only couple of small details. I´ve been big fan of Sugi´s art and it was great honour to do co-operation with him. I´ve met him in Japan 2013 when I was touring there with my previous band.

You all where in several bands before Kürøishi (Terveet Kädet, Deathchain….). How did you start this band and what was starting point when you decided to make a d-beat crust band ?

JANI: I was playing with Ilari and Lene together in our previous band (ndlr: Terveet Kädet) and after it breaks up this was good chance to start something new with people who I already know and who are good musicians. Original idea was to play more simplier raw punk & hardcore but it turns to sound like this quite spontaneously. Every member have different kind of musical background so I think it brings pretty good mix to our sound.

When I listen to “Poverty.Ignorance.Greed.Slavery“ I heard some Avskum, Wolfbrigade, Tragedy, and of course Discharge for the music but also a lot of Japanese Hardcore influences. Japan seems a strong influence in your band: name, cover, even Kuroishi is translate in Kanji on the cover. What represent the Japanese Hardcore scene for you? Can you name some bands you like ?

JANI: I love Japanese Hardcore and had great pleasure with Ilari to tour in Japan 2013 with our previous band and share stage with best bands from japanese hardcore scene that time. We were touring with Think Again which was one of the best new japanese hardcore band, new breed of Burning Spirits sound, really intense and hard fucking core. We played with classic bands like Forward, Warhead and Systematic Death and also were privileged to see bands like 惡AI意, ネメシス(Nemesis), Never Again, Skizophrenia!,Esperanza, System Fucker, Clown and Poikkeus. One of the memorable moments in my life were also to play in the same show with Framtid in Chaos in Texas festival USA 2013. Never get tired of Death Side, Assault, Envy, Bastard etc. etc.
What comes to Japanese Hardcore scene world have lot of to learn from them. Hospitality and kindness of people are so much different what you see in elsewhere in the world. Things just work in every way how they treat touring bands and how they organise shows.

Any chance to see you live in France ?

JANI: We love to play in France and hope to do tour there someday. At the moment we´re planning Japan tour in november 2017 with No Excuse. Bubbling under USA tour, Russian tour with Paranoïd

I like to know what people are listening to, so can you tell me what in your top 5 albums (or ep/single) of the moment?

JANI: There are too many great records and bands to choose and I could easily list like 50 records, but here is today´s top 5 list:

Escørt – Demo (2017): http://escortpunx.bandcamp.com/album/demo-2017
Zero – s/t LP
Bastard – No Hope in Here LP: https://youtu.be/SlY7pNCJSBY
Past – Czarno / Biala  LP: http://pastpunk.bandcamp.com/album/czarno-biala
Obstruction  – Demo (2016): https://youtu.be/HpvxG_GdrqM

KAI: Mandatory fivesix:

Entombed – To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth: https://youtu.be/g9_mDQJxiYE
Eyehategod – Take As Needed  For Pain: https://youtu.be/-Q_jBFzNGyE
Funkadelic – Funkadelic: https://youtu.be/4vYZ0LQkWo0
Wu-Tang Clan  – 36 Chambers: https://youtu.be/jOLuW2w5kgg
Neurosis – The Eye Of Every Storm: https://youtu.be/9s2hx6WIEJA
Curtis Mayfield – Roots: https://youtu.be/ZDlE6Pj7LEc

TIMO´s (Drum) legendary (in his own mind) playlist

Motörhead: Everything Louder Than Everyone Else: https://youtu.be/DY2h0wocuEg
Entombed: To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth
High On Fire: De vermis mysteriis: https://youtu.be/v2jfiq8Vgnw
The Pirates: Don’t Munchen It, Live In Europe
Danzig: Lucifuge : https://youtu.be/oHjloQmmxFM

LENE (Guitar):
Motörhead: era before 1991.
Joy Division : all.
AC/DC: Bon Scott era.
Slayer: Reign in Blood : https://youtu.be/T5_SEr4k6rA
Black Sabbath: Ozzy era.
At the moment i’m into original rockabilly/psychobilly (Nasty Rockabilly LP box) and never forget Finnish Tango and reggae/dub!

ILARI (Guitar):

Slayer: Hell awaits: https://youtu.be/869aKwGVmFs
Death: Leprosy: https://youtu.be/bfnP0D_Czvc
Paranoid/Absolut: Split: http://phobiarecords.bandcamp.com/album/absolut-paranoid
Herätys: Helvettiin ja takaisin : https://youtu.be/dnQ7Nv-4RLY


Kürøishi sur Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kuroishidbeat

New track ‘No Time To Live’ from the upcoming EP ‘Slukad Af Slutet’ (6 trakcs) out on July 28th.