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Interview with Jérémie, singer of Metallic Hardcore band BEAST AS GOD


Last march the Beast as God/Crows split 7″ was released, this split vinyl is the come back of Crows after their incredible  first album Better of Dead out in 2014. But the huge surprise is on the A Side with Beast as God a Metallic Hardcore band from Notthingham. This interview was made with Jérémie, natif from Bordeaux (France) but living in England since a long time. This is the opportunity to speak about the beginning of BaG, the new split 7″ but also about his love for Punk Hardcore and DIY.
(This interview was made few months ago and BaG just annonced that the band was over… A Last Tape EP will be out soon)


Before we talk about the split, can we go back to Beast as God’s history? Can you introduce us the band’s members and tell us how did BaG start?

OK, so Beast as God started in 2013. It was born of my desire to do a brutal, Metallic Hardcore band. I have been playing in a number of Nottingham bands for years, most notably Dead In The Woods, a crust/space rock which transformed into Nadir, a more full on Spacey project…
Nadir was ace, and I am very proud of it, but I was missing the aggro. At that point in my life, I was dealing with some very heavy shit, a major family crisis, and so I felt I needed an outlet to express that, to let go of the frustration… And thus I asked Steve Larder (also of sludge punk monster Moloch and now in dirge punk band Bloody Head) if he was interested in doing something like that, he said yes so we got to find a line-up. We enrolled another Steve on drums, and Matt Grundy, who was on guitar in DITW had just returned to Nottingham, so it felt very obvious to ask him to join on second guitar. The bass was filled by Boulty, who has been on numerous grindcore bands and runs the near mythical Stuck On A Name venue/studio…
Once we had a line-up, I made a mix tape to everyone, so they had an idea of what I had in mind, mostly 90s metallic hardcore “holy terror” type bands, 
Japanese Burning spirit type stuff and some of the more discordant early Hydra Head bands to round it up.
This line-up wrote and recorded the tape EP and the song for the split with Crows but by Summer 2015 our drummer Steve was moving out to take a scholarship in Chile so we needed someone else, and Phil, who has been he plenty of bands with Boulty before and was playing guitar in instrumental post metal band Megalodoom, stepped in. Continue reading

Interview with KÜRØISHI (D-beat from Finland)


‘Poverty.Ignorance.Greed.Slavery’ here’s Kürøishi‘s vision of Humanity. This first album is a blast of 12 powefull and raw D-Beat tracks like Wolfbrigade, Disfear, Discharge (obviously) and Tragedy but japanese Hardcore is also pupping in the  vein of Kürøishi’s five members!
As I have listened this album like hundreds time since his release in February on Fight Records it was impossible for me not to ask them some questions. Thank you guys !!

I’ve made my research to find what “Kürøishi” means. First I thought it was a finnish word but I discover it’s a japan word who means “Black Death” and it’s also a small town in the north of Japan. Can you explain the choice of the name, is there a particular story with this town ? Continue reading

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